DIY Autism Art Therapy, Stampin’ Up Simple Birthday Cake Beginner Card Kit
Stampin’ Up Daisy and Forever Fern, Simple Birthday Card Kits to Make for the Disabled or Elderly.

These simple and easy DIY Card Kits are perfect as art therapy for those with Autism.
My DIY Card Kits are designed to benefit beginners and provides a therapeutic activity for adults.
Makes a wonderful craft idea for a disabled adult or for the elderly.

My kits require no or minimal assistance to assemble these beautiful cards.

Card Kits Includes:
1 Completed Full Size Card measuring 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ for reference
Materials to complete 3 Cards,
Blank on the inside

These card kits are so easy that no directions are necessary. However, if you are having a problem assembling your card, I am an email away. I can answer your questions or provide directions to you via email.

Pricing $14.95 + shipping

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