(Also known as the Infinity Card)

Searching through Pinterest you’re bound to come across something new. Something new for me was The Neverending Card.
It has been the most popular requested card. This type of card is perfect for sharing memories. It is one of those cards that can be created very simple or complex. It is also the most versatile, unique card I learned to make. These are the different types of cards I designed. The very first one I created was for my mother-in-law who loves birds, the second was designed for Kaaren’s (mother?) which centered around flowers, the third was for Pastor Dan’s daughter who is musically talented, the fourth was for Kim’s sister-in-law. When Kim shared her sister-in-law’s story with me, I knew it had to have a nostalgic theme to it. All I kept on thinking in my head was “Junk Journal”. I never made a Junk Journal, so I joined a Junk Journal FB Group. The fifth and sixth were of Christmas Songs, the last was Judy’s card for her niece. After our conversation, I felt that a “Scrapbook” look would work well.

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